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5 Reasons Why Working Out with Baby Reduce Post-Pregnancy Weight Fast

Now that you’ve had your baby, you are ready to get your body back on track. But, as you likely know, this is no easy feat.

In fact, you may find this more challenging than ignoring your constant cravings for ice cream or cake while pregnant.

In order to get over the hump (no pun intended) and get your post-baby body to a place where you are loving it, there are a few barriers to overcome:


Being a new mom makes you realize how much you took for granted ‘free time’ when you had it pre-baby. Between the many piles of laundry to keep up with and the round-the-clock feeding- it has probably been a while since you’ve had a full night’s sleep, let alone time to workout.

If you’re waiting for an opportunity to get out of the house to exercise, I’ve got news for you: it’s likely not going to happen any time soon – and, probably not without those pangs of guilt for leaving your baby behind.

Lack of support

Not all moms are fortunate enough to have family members they can call on to watch the baby while mama gets a workout, or partners available during the day to watch the baby at a time that works between feeding, naps, and everything else so that we can make time for exercise.

There are, of course, other options out there, such as gyms that offer supervision for your little ones while you work out. However, if you are anything like I was as a first-time mother, I found daycare gyms to be overwhelmingly intimidating with young babies. The first time I took my daughter along to a gym; the caretakers had her in the only corner of the room that the angle of the security camera was not able to see. I decided to ‘pop in’ to check on her, only to find her in tears.

Child-friendly boot camps are another option, but oftentimes there is only one caretaker to accommodate all of the kids while the mom gets a workout. This means that if your baby needs something during your workout, she will probably be left to fend for herself or you will miss part of the workout while you tend to his/her needs.


Even If you are one of the lucky ones who are fortunate to have help, that does not replace the fact that you might feel worried about leaving your baby behind, or guilty about choosing to do something for yourself away from your baby.

While taking some time out for yourself in order to maintain your wellbeing and happiness is important, you remember it being much easier before having a baby. Now, time to yourself may not feel relaxing, as it is likely filled with feelings of guilt.

And that’s natural.

For some, leaving our young ones may fill us with feelings of anxiety or concern, thus creating a barrier that keeps us from being able to truly relax in our workouts.

A better way for Mom and Baby:

If you’ve found yourself frustrated and dealing with any of these barriers than short- at-home workouts that you can do WITH your baby could be the KEY to gaining back your pre-baby confidence.

Here are 5 reasons why working out with your baby will help you achieve your post-pregnancy results-and in record time!

1. It saves time

There’s no need to drive to class, pack the gym bag, or plan around your baby’s schedule and mood. Workout anytime, anywhere you choose when it is most convenient for you. Plus, all you need is 20 minutes!

2. It’s flexible 

There is no rushing off to take a class on time, no need to put the baby in the car seat or change your child’s sleep schedule to fit around your workout. With this program, you can pause at any time during your workout to take care of your baby’s needs.

3. It’s Guilt-Free

You no longer have to feel guilty about leaving your baby behind, skipping naps, or changing your baby’s schedule to fit in a workout. In fact, you’ll feel good about doing something positive for both you and your baby, and you’ll find yourself looking forward to a fun activity that the two of you can do together.

4. It releases endorphins and strengthens the bond

Working out together creates a wonderful bonding experience for mother and baby. For any new mamas who are struggling with the adjustment to this new ‘normal,’ or for those new mamas who are just generally exhausted, exercising may feel like the last thing you have energy for.

But, I promise you’ll feel better after doing it.

The endorphins released during exercise will leave you feeling energized and uplifted, and consequently, better able to face the challenges that come with new motherhood.

5. Workouts get more challenging as your baby grows

The workouts continue to stay challenging because your baby gains weight as you progress through the program.

You never have to worry about getting bored or having your workout plateau, as you’ll continue to feel challenged and see results.

Still unsure about working out with your baby?

Try one of my babyFIT workouts for FREE, and see just how awesome working out with your baby can be!